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Josh Kosier of Mongo Nutrition:



I may still be young, but I’m far from a rookie. I have been a competitive bodybuilder for the past nine years. During this time, I’ve competed in 10 shows and have racked up a few regional wins and an NPC National Championship. I’ve also been featured in several magazines, including FLEX and Ironman.img_0720

I’ve been actively working the in the fitness industry for the past six years; mainly focusing on sports nutrition. I’m the owner of Mongo Nutrition as well as a part-owner of Madtown Fitness.  My coaching focuses on giving individuals their dream physique, while offering in-depth learning through nutrition plans, programs, and now, one-on-one training.

Aside from my personal training experience, I have managed various supplement stores and coached a variety of athletes online, which has given me the opportunity to guide hundreds of people in health and fitness both one-on-one and from a distance.

Specialized Areas:

  • Bodybuilding, Physique, Figure, and Bikini Show Preparation
  • Off Season Training
  • General Nutrition
  • Helping YOU Reach Your Dream Physique

Whether your goal is to build muscle, lose fat, step on stage, or you’re just looking to be healthier – I’m ready to help you achieve your goals!

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Josh Kosier - Mongo Nutrition Josh Kosier - Mongo Nutrition Josh Kosier - Mongo Nutrition