MEMBER Health and Safety Guidelines: (STRICTLY ENFORCED!)

  • Masks are required.  

  • Sanitization stations will be set up at the entry to both gyms.  All members will be required to use hand sanitizer upon entry (provided), and each individual will grab their own towel and spray bottle upon entry. Towels will be returned to a bin upon leaving, and members will return the spray bottle to the table after cleaning it with a sanitary wipe. We have installed a washer and dryer at our West location so that we can be constantly cleaning towels after use. 

  • Spray bottles will now be filled with a specialized formula specific to coronavirus prevention. We are REQUIRING all members to wipe down pieces of equipment after use. This includes wiping down bars, dumbbells, and any parts of the equipment in use that make physical contact with the skin.  

  • Follow social distancing guidelines (allow 6ft of space between yourself and those around you) 

  • 24 Hour access will still apply to all memberships.  We will; however, be reviewing camera footage to ensure that guidelines are being followed during non-staffed hours.  

  • We do not anticipate needing to limit our capacity, or to require scheduled timeslots for workouts.  

  • In order to limit common contact points, and to make it so that our staff can focus completely on cleaning equipment and restrooms, we will not be opening the locker rooms until a later date.  The posing room at our west location will also remain closed.  

  • Chalk bowls will remain empty (Do NOT fill them with chalk from home!!)

  • Gym bags must be left in your vehicle.  We are going to be doing constant cleaning, and bags left sitting around the gym will be directly in the way of our staff.

  • Shirts and Shoes must stay on at ALL TIMES

**We may add additional regulations as time goes on in order to offer our members the highest possible amount of protection against COVID exposure. 

EMPLOYEE Health and Safety Guidelines: 

  • We are requiring all active employees to read through both the WEDC “General Guidance for all Businesses” and the “Gyms and Fitness Facilities” documents outlining the best practices for for COVID-19 preparedness.
  • Employees’ temperature will be taken at the beginning of each shift, and they will be required to wear masks when performing duties that would bring them within 6ft of any other employees or members. 
  • For the next few weeks to months, all employees will be primarily focused on cleaning, and on the enforcement of the additional health and safety guidelines regarding use of the facility.