Join World Renowned Strength Coaches, Best Selling Authors and World Record Holders:
Fred Hatfield, Ph.D. and Josh Bryant, M.S.

Madtown is proud to announce that on Saturday, May 16th  2015 we will be hosting a FREE seminar sponsored by the ISSA. This will be a unique opportunity in which attendees will be able to learn from real World Record holders Fred Hatfield (Dr. Squat) and Josh Bryant (The JoshStrength Method)! This is also an opportunity for ISSA-certified trainers to earn Continued Education Credits. Don’t miss this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!


Saturday, May 16 – 1:00 PM to 5:00 PM
Madtown Fitness Gym

super power seminar



Where does strength come from
Strength is your ability to contract your muscles with maximum force, given constraints stemming from structural/anatomical factors, physiological/biochemical factors, psychoneural/psychosocial factors, and external/environmental factors.

The seven laws of training science
When you break laws, there are unpleasant consequences! Learn these laws and your training will reap dividends!

The seven factors involved in optimizing strength
From running a marathon to squatting world records STRENGTH is required, different kinds mind you but it all can be traced back to the strength curve. Learn it, use and get better

Training each of the seven factors
Different kinds of strength are required for all kinds of activities,all seven factors MUST be trained. Learn how and when to train each factor.

The need for “periodizing” your training
No one has ever bench pressed 500 pounds and run a 5 minute mile. To truly excel you have to know when sequentially to use the proper methods of training. Timing is everything, that is periodization!

How to convert great strength to great power
Strong and slow could be summed up as “riding the pine.” To be your best on the field of play learn to convert the strength gained in the weight room to explosive power on the field of play.

Practical application of the most effective training methods for power, strength and muscle hypertrophy
Science is great but theory without practice will get you nowhere fast–learn not all the why but the application of methods you can implement immediately with yourself and your athletes. Learn from two premier trainers of champions of techniques actually used.

True “functional” training
Function, what’s it really mean? Carryover to the real world, pop those bosu balls and learning cutting edge techniques in true FUNCTIONAL TRAINING.


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