Spring 2017 Backyard Power Weekend


Madtown Fitness is proud to announce that we will be hosting yet another BACKYARD POWER WEEKEND April 1st and 2nd!  If you’ve had the chance to stop by our power weekends in the past, you know that our meets bring together the best talent from across the Midwest to compete in two of the most fun days of strength sports that Wisconsin has to offer!

APRIL 1st:  STRONGMAN at Madtown WEST (802 Stewart St)

Think you’re one of the Midwest’s strongest? Here’s your chance to prove it! Competitors will have the chance to show their grit in an array of events that will challenge their max strength, endurance, and everything else in between. We’ve been known to get creative with our events and pride ourselves on creating an exciting atmosphere that will bring out the best in every athlete!

First meet? NO problem! We offer a Novice division for those without strongman experience!!  We even host Strongman Group Training on the Saturdays leading up to the meet with coach Ryan Imbach to teach you how to properly complete the events!  Send us an email or call 608-270-9606 for information!



APRIL 2nd: POWERLIFTING at Madtown EAST (2418 Pennsylvania Ave)

Over the past 3 years our Backyard Push/Pull meet has become one of our most exciting events!  We go above and beyond to offer the same competitive atmosphere and organization of a sanctioned meet, without the added pressure and card fees.  Looking for a well-run, fun meet that’s also affordable? Look no further! We’ll be blasting music and cheering you on to make sure you hit that PR right here at the Midwest Mecca!

First meet? NO problem! A large portion of our competitors at every one of our backyard meets are stepping onto the platform for the first time. PLEASE READ the back page of the entry form for information on rules, competition classes, and a schedule of events.